Mikael Ramels kajuta



The Missionary
Music and lyrics: Mikael Ramel / 1974

Original title: "Missionären"
Lyrics into english: Roy Colgate

There´s a knock on my door – can it really be morning?
It´s dark outside and not a single bird has started singing.
Yes, you know what it´s like - when you´re cosy and warm –
still the knocking goes on!
So one crawls out of bed – and one peers round the curtains –
to see a slightly undersized angel in disguise –
With print-outs and pamphlets – in a hat, scarf and gloves –
stands a cold little girl.

She´s saying: “Ooo, Aaa – Stand up for Jesus!”
I answer: “Ooo, Aaa – what´s he done wrong then?”

So I´m slamming my door – shutting out this young preacher –
Nothing I can say will change a word of her sermon.
To come around here at six – when even Jesus should be sleeping –
Why the cheek of the girl.

She´s saying: “Ooo, Aaa – Jesus hears you!”
I answer: “Ooo, Aaa – Big brother sees you!”

And so back to bed – as my head falls on the pillow –
my mind is going over all that she said –
Well ok then for Jesus – and alright for our lady –
with a gospel to spread.

Maybe salvation – but not from one person –
The whole of creation – is all that can save me.
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