Mikael Ramels kajuta



Roun´ De´ Loo
Text och Musik: Mikael Ramel / 1974

(en hyllning till alla de amerikaner som vräker sig med ordschabloner)

I work you in the morning - to get you in the evening with moonshine.
Don´t you know it´s quite a bad time - for everyone. It´s worth it in a circle -
it´s worth it in a church or on a horseback.
I bet you´ll never guess my clickname - it´s Roun´ De´ Loo.

So if I get you inside - you gotta kick me so wide -
to be a paradee nude - I´ll let you swallow my food -
and in the further disease - you´ll have to quacka ´n squeeze.
The tongue of a dwarf´s breeze.

Well, pass me on a river - where all the goats lie ´pipper-de-loopin´
Yet they don´t go boopin´ - with all my funk.
I never saw an angel - and never had a pillow to pray on.
Let you cloud´n in my ´sway-on´ - in Taj Mahal.
Now put a pep in the pip - and you can get it so quick -
And if it´s blown in the rain - well go and search it again -
´cause never more you will be - the ´Roopalooner´ to me.
You better go´n check that with ´Pooga-loo-lee´.

I might leave it for a loser - or deal it with a king or with your schoolbag.
You know - this isn´t just an old rag - it´s just these fuckin´ old words.

So I better repeat this to you all folks:

So if I get you inside - you gotta kick me so wide…….

I don´t wanna eat it -
I just asked for a sandwich with an artificial hatflavour on it!
I´m not a cowboy - I mean; I´m just a cowboy.
I read it in a book!
I read it in a horn!
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