Mikael Ramels kajuta



In Confidence
Music and lyrics: Mikael Ramel / 1976

Original Title: "Förtroende"
Lyrics into English: Roy Colgate

I know that it´s you, baby – Do you know me too, baby –
Time seems to fly – been passing us by.
Something in your smile, baby – a part of your style, baby –
Something that I can´t explain.
A very funny attitude – pretending not to see me –
Just like a prude – why should you want to behave the way you do?
When we were close - fitting like hand in glove –
So easy then to weather the storm with love –
Your laugh was as pure as only a laugh can be –
A laugh that was you – but one that you shared with me.

Just see how you´ve changed, baby – well isn´t it strange, baby –
Time seems to fly – been passing us by.
You´re looking like new, baby – what have you been through, baby –
Have you been misunderstood?
It´s nice to show that one remains – someone you can depend on –
You are my friend – why don´t we share our love in confidence?

You help my soul in feeling so young again
I´ll show you how a feeling is sung and then
I´ll show you the way in case you lose the where and when
(for) you´re making me high by being such a faithful friend.
© Pygmé Musikförlag AB
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